About Me

I am a writer and journalist based in Lahore. I write about terrorism, human rights, politics and how these affect people. I was raised by my grandparents. They were both Partition survivors. Therefore, I spend a lot of time reading, writing and reflecting on the common history and culture of India and Pakistan. I am all about literature, memories, histories and their link with people. This is probably why I do so many book reviews and interviews.

So far, I have written for The Nation,  Newsline, DawnThe News on Sunday, Viewpoint OnlineDaily Times, Express Tribune, The Friday Times in Pakistan, Tehelka, Scroll IndiaNewslaundry and DNA in India, as well as internationally in Malaysiakini and The Diplomat. I have recently returned from the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, where I was an ICFJ fellow for the year 2015. When I am not chasing journalistic deadlines, I am reading and writing fiction.